The Overview #4

This week: Overcoming the status quo and emotional barriers to change, and why you should hire PMMs.

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Your biggest competitor

Undeniably, your biggest competitor is either doing nothing or continuing with the same provider. (Tip: they’re not the same).

I’ve written before about the two causes of inertia (the enemy of momentum):

  1. Increased resistance

  2. Lack of velocity

Your prospects who choose to remain with the status quo are probably not making an educated decision - they’re making a decision (not by choice!) based on their internal change environment.

If you can help your prospects fight through the mud of resistance and build velocity (speed in a specific direction) before you sell to them - through content, thought-leadership, or even in the sales process - you’ll find the obstacles disappear.

Using a new product is a big emotional change

I love this tweet. Every time someone buys software to use in their business, they’ll have to overcome change costs.

The famous adage is that your product needs to be 10x cheaper and 10x better has been broadened. Not only do you need to beat your competitors, you need to overcome the emotional competition against inaction and change in the heart of your buyer.

How well do you understand the gains your customer will make with your product, and their motivations to search/switch/buy something new? How well do you understand the buyer’s personal and professional goals - not just what the business wants to achieve?

How do you make your onboarding experience slick enough to encourage adoption, not just conversion? The product of a SaaS business is not just the technical platform, but the sales, marketing, success, finance, and operational experience: can you use other teams to help predict and avoid resistance?

Hire product marketers

There’s been a ton of tweets this week on why product marketers are so in-demand right now:

Obviously, I agree - product marketers are a key hire to accelerate product adoption, increase win rates, and differentiate in the mind of your customer.

So what should you look for in your first PMM hire? Check out this post from my friend Alicia:

A Product Marketer will help you start to question, “What do we stand for? And who stands behind us? How do we truly serve their needs better than anyone else?”

How to hire a good product marketer on Finding Customer Focus

And check out this short clip for my take on three core PMM skills to look for:

That’s the Overview for this week

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