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This week: Personal news, and top recent posts
How to build customer empathy by understanding the process they follow to achieve job completion and success.
This week: interrogating problems, ABC of comms, and adapting your process
Introducing The Interview, a new regular feature on Building Momentum. First up: Jonathan Gandalf, CEO at The Juice.
This week: value prop in 5 words, customer research, and PMM own the pitch
Avoid bold claims your prospects don't believe, and instead use statistics that matter.
This week: diagnosing positioning problems, GTM motions of 30+ B2B SaaS, and the wrong insights. 
How to understand your customer's contexts and what drives them, and use that insight in marketing and sales.
This week: Sales versus marketing, strategy in action, and the hottest role in tech
Don't fall down the slippery slope of careless positioning.  Start measuring your confidence to avoid death by a thousand cuts.
This week: talk to your customers + others in the market, ask why - and a new framework for customer discovery?